The Sony Xperia 5 II may be the smallest 5G phone yet.

There were rumors about a large Sony Xperia 5 Plus, but that never came to be. Now there’s talk about a phone that is quite the opposite – an Xperia 5 II with a sub-6” screen. This phone will be released in Japan in the second half of this year, according to insider sources.
The phone will have a 5.6-5.8” screen, down from the 6.1” panel on the first Xperia 5. There’s a high possibility that this phone will have 5G connectivity, which will make it the first sub-6” phone to have 5G.
And it will be only Sony’s second 5G phone, the other being the Xperia 1 II. There's also the Xperia Pro, but that is hardly targeted at consumers. It does add mmWave (the Xperia 1 II only offers sub-6GHz), but that requires extra antennas, which may not fit in a smaller body.

This Xperia 5 II can slot nicely between the Xperia 1 II and 10 II – smaller than the premium flagship, more capable than the mid-ranger. Though even with 5G, the flagship status of this phone is not certain.
And neither is its name. A couple of months ago there was a rumor about an “Xperia 9” with Snapdragon 765G, which has a built-in 5G modem. This model was even benchmarked back in December 2019, but has proven particularly leak-resistant.
The new rumors say nothing about the chipset, but the current Xperia 5 has the flagship Snapdragon 855, which may be yet another reason to change the name. Alternatively, sparseness of leaks may just mean that there is nothing real to leak.

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