New iPad Pros with M1-like chipset and Thunderbolt reportedly coming in April.


Apple may be gearing up to present a bunch of new tablets very soon, according to a new report originating from "people with knowledge of the matter".

The company is said to unveil new iPad Pros in April, and in the past we also heard rumors about an iPad Mini refresh (with smaller bezels in line with those of the new iPad Air), so that may join the Pros.

The new Pro tablets will reportedly feature a new chipset, which will be on par, performance-wise, with the M1 Apple has used in its latest MacBooks and Mac mini.

There will also be improved cameras, while overall looks and sizes remain the same. The bigger 12.9-inch model is expected to have a mini LED display, which would be brighter and sport a higher contrast ratio than the one in the previous iPad Pro.

The new iPad Pros are also going to have a Thunderbolt connector, enabling connectivity with additional external monitors, hard drives, and other peripherals, while being faster than base rate USB-C.

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